Our Story

We love our city. We love the history of our downtown, the reimagined parts and the restored ones. We wanted to create a unique place that inspires and comforts but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Owners and curators William Schierl and Sarena Melotte


After renovating Claflin House we were inspired to keep creating. We knew we wanted to create a place that had history, patina, and was a little bit curious. We enjoy traveling and poking around tiny corners of a city. Especially the oldest parts. Exploring inspires us to bring some of that experience to the tiny corner of the world we occupy. Enter Guild Designs. 

Guild Designs was built as a space to inspire and comfort while not taking itself too seriously. We’ve collaborated with artists and merchants that feature the elements that we feel are at the heart of living. Elements of home, literature, garden, staying in touch, and a good drink (mocktails included).

The Space

Nestled among other historic gems on Main Street in Stevens Point Wisconsin is our little jewel, Guild Designs. Built in 1883 the two-story Italianate building was originally home to a tailor shop. With brick details, arched windows and a corbelled cornice, today it is home to Guild Designs. Built to be a place for gathering, conversation, and enjoyment, Guild Designs is a place for our bellwether merchants and artisans to be in community with clients and visitors. 

First Floor is home to our merchants Sojourn Booksellers, Posy Floral, and Centralia Stationery. All of whom provide an alluring and warm-welcome to those entering from Main Street or the garden.

Second Floor spaces encourage third-place experiences to exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships. The main attraction is Daisy Lounge, a mixologist lounge offering crafted cocktails from locally produced spirits. 

Careful attention has gone into each detail of the space at Guild Designs and we whole-heartedly believe that proper lighting is a detail at the core of spaces that inspire, empower, and create community. We are extremely excited about collaborating with Ketra lighting solutions as our premier lighting designer.  

Guild Designs is a Central Wisconsin destination serving up books, florals, drinks, goods, stationery, and a distinctive backdrop for meetings and occasions.

Sarena and Bill inspecting windows during building construction
Built in 1883 the two-story Italianate building was originally home to a tailor shop.