Centralia Stationery Company

Centralia Stationery Company

Located on the first floor

Centralia Stationery Company was founded on the belief that keeping in touch with loved ones should be an elegant experience. Utilizing yesterday’s technology for today’s world, we craft each sheet, one at a time, on a press built in 1877.  Whether you choose truly bespoke items created just for you, or something from our readily-available offerings, we believe in the power of ink on paper to help you send a message worth cherishing.   

Custom stationery can be designed from an array of vintage type and graphics or new artwork. Choose from our palette of standard ink colors, antique lead type, and ornaments, or embark on a truly bespoke design process.

A wide range of greeting cards, including general use and holiday seasonal-specific options, are available alongside place cards, gift tags, and other printed goods. Also offered is a curated selection of vintage and handcrafted writing instruments, letter openers, desk accessories, and other items to make keeping in touch with your loved ones an elegant experience. 

Centralia Stationery Company, Port Edwards, Wisconsin 
Kristopher Gasch and Shane Burkart, Proprieto